Saturday, July 15, 2017


So I thought I would poke my head up and let you know I am still here. I have some finishes to share.

First up is the baby quilt I made for DS3 and his soon to be bride. You can read more about this quilt and its planning on my post Here. It was done in time for their baby shower held at  Chena Lakes near Fairbanks, Alaska.

Our guild's annual silent auction is coming up soon. I was able to complete two items to donate.  My first  item is this little quilt is from Lisa Bongean's book, Summer Gatherings.The original was in wool. I made mine in cotton and needle turn applique. It finished at 12" X 23"

My second item is from a free pattern offered by Quilter's Newsletter called Starry Night. The original finished at 8" X 16". I enlarged the pattern so mine finished at 12" X 23". I also used a Northern Lights fabric for the background instead of appliquing stars. You can find this pattern on their Web Extras Page HERE.

I also made a wall hanging to enter into our local fair which will be held at the end of July. This was my first attempt at fusible applique.  It finished at  21 3/4" X 30 1/2"  and I named it "Who's That Moose on the Window"

Speaking of moose, we saw this one swimming in a pond.

I have been considering changing the name of my blog. When I originally named it I was hoping to use, Everyday Quilts, but that name was not available. Some of my ideas include:

1) Quilt Love

2)  A Stitch in Time

3)  A Stitch a Day

4) The Daily Stitch

Just some ideas, any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you! Rebecca


  1. So good to see a post from you, Rebecca. Your new header photo is gorgeous!
    Very sweet dragonfly baby quilt. That border fabric pulls it together in a delightful way.
    You did a beautiful job on the applique wall hanging. I usually go the opposite way--if a pattern is for needle turned applique, I do wool. : )
    Oh, that Starry Night quilt is incredible. My family will tell you that I am rather obsessed with the Northern Lights, since a rare sighting here when I was a child that was quite amazing to me. I have seen them here a couple of other times since then, but they were not nearly as bright. My dream is to someday see a magical display of them.
    The Moose In The Window is very cute.
    I like the name The Daily Stitch.

  2. I like The Daily Stitch! I have to agree with Janet that your new header photo is amazing!!!! Of course, all your quilts are beautiful. I love mooses, so that's my favorite. Nice to 'see' you again!

  3. I was thrilled to see your post and know that you've been busy with family and quilting as well. Love all your finishes. The snowmen with the northern lights is absolutely charming. It will be very popular for the silent auction. And yes, your header is magnificent.

  4. so good to see you back with amazing quilts. When I saw the first I thought wow this is a beauty then you shared 3 more amazing quilts all equally beautiful. I tried fusible applique but did not like how it makes the fabric so stiff, still to try needle turned. Welcome back and please do not leave it so long next time.I like the quilt love name as we all love your quilts

  5. Glad to read a blog from you again. You have made some wonderful, stunning, awsome quilts! I just love Moose so I fell for the Moose behind the window! Hope to make it to Alaska some day and see many in the wild!
    I like the name Quilt Love!

  6. love seeing your moose! we have seen moose in a setting almost like that in Idaho once years ago and since then when we travel to the Rocky Mountains. Love your baby quilt and glad to see you back blogging you are on my feeder so I know when you blog and was glad to see you show up

  7. I don't mind this name that you have.......I do like it.......
    Nice wall hangings and baby quilt..... How long to wait?
    The moose in the window is cute......

  8. Your quilts are all adorable! I especially love the baby quilt with dragon flies and the moose quilt. I envy you being able to see moose in the wild.

  9. Really great finishes! The baby quilt is very sweet and congrats to you for the news! Love the summer Gatherings quilt.

  10. What a sweet baby quilt. Congrats to the soon-to-be-parents. I love (love!) the Lisa Bongean quilt. It is beautiful. How fun that you have a quilt with a moose and you have moose swimming near enough for you to take a photo. I like the name of your blog now but I think The Daily Stitch is a fun name, too.


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