Thursday, March 16, 2017

A New Way To Baste!

The main obstacle for me to finish a quilt is the layering and basting. I have to move furniture to make space to lay it out. That is very hard on me physically. Then there is getting down on the floor to lay everything out and tape it down, equally hard.  I did switched to spray basting instead of pin basting which helped a lot. But still it was so HARD to do I would put it off and put it off. 

Recently I came across a "new to me" way to layer and baste quilt tops. Using my ironing board! I watched a video by Paula Storm. I included the video in this post or you can watch it HERE. There may be other sources, but I thought she explained it very well. So I gave it a try and I got two tops basted in about the time it would have taken me to get the furniture moved! It may not work for everyone, but you might want to give it a try. 

Video by Paula Storm.

I wrote out the basic steps, but it would be best to watch her video.

 1) Center your batting on the ironing board.                                                                                            

2) Lay your backing fabric on top of the batting and make sure it is centered. Spray the back of your backing fabric by folding it over half way, spray with basting spray, then press. Repeat with the second half.

(Great backing I got for my Gwennie quilt!)

3) Turn your backing and batting over so the batting is on top.

4) Center your top and spray the back of it, half at a time, as you did with the backing fabric. Press.

One tip she gave was using a square ruler to make sure you corners are square. If not, adjust.

Gwennie is ready to quilt!

This process went so smoothly I also got my Dancing Stars top basted. A little more trouble with a larger top, but with practice I think it will get much easier.

It is still cold here. It was -25* when I got up this morning, but it is getting above 0* during the day. Yay!  And just because, photos of another moose I took the other day. 

 First she dug into the snow.

Then she came up with a mouthful of grass! Yum!

Happy Quilting! And thanks for stopping by! Rebecca

Friday, March 10, 2017

A Little Bit of This and a Little bit of That

I won!! I won!! This fantastic bundle of fabric strips from Wendy of the Constant Quilter blog! You can visit her blog HERE, she always has something fabulous going on! There are so many great fabrics included in these strips. I had a plan for them, but now that I have seen them I thinking about something different.

I stopped by our local quilt shop which is also a drop off point for our guild and picked up a "kit" for another charity quilt. The ladies grouped together donated fabric and gave us a pattern for a Turning Twenty quilt. I not sure if I will use that pattern or not.

While I was there I was given this nice bundle of scraps which some of the ladies had put aside for me.

And then I did a little shopping online. Most of these will probably be used in my Yankee Diary quilt.

Then as soon as I saw this quilt in my latest copy of American Patchwork & Quilting it went right on my to make list. I ordered  some cheddar and  I  already have some red, but it is hiding right now and did not want to come out for a photo.  I have more than enough strings!

String Theory by Sharon Tucker in the April 2017 issue Of American Patchwork &Quilting

And I got a couple more of Cheri's patterns

I have been working on my HST's for the Goose in the Puddle SAL being hosted  by Randy of the Barrister's Block blog. I am finally getting the hang of using my Bloc Loc ruler and I am loving it. You can read more about the SAL  HERE.

I don't have a rotating cutting mat but I use a piece I cut off of an old mat and it works just fine.

Next up is my progress on the Dragonfly baby quilt. Three applique blocks done!

Now if you have stayed with me through all of that, here is a video of  a gentleman caller we had the other day.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Gwennie Revisited

 I do have some things I want to finish this year, but I am keeping the list short.  One of those projects is my Gwennie Inspired Medallion from the QAL. I don't think I have posted anything about it for a long time. I stalled. I consider myself a "traditional" quilter and my foray into Liberated quilting has been limited to some wonky stars and string piecing.

This is the last photo I shared of my progress. This was the Log Cabin round.

 The next round's theme was Stars. My first idea was a border of yellow strings. The thought being, the Sun is a star, stars are yellow, so rays from the Sun. I didn't like it.

This was my second attempt of the Star border. This has been hanging on my design wall for months. The longer it hung there the more I hated  disliked it! For one thing, the overall the top was just getting TO BIG! I never meant to make a large quilt out of this project. I didn't like the colors.

So I did some un-sewing and took it back to this point. I also poured over Gwen Marston's books and photos of liberated quilts online. Looking for things that stood out to me, things I liked about them. I realized that there needed to be connectivity to the rounds, either design elements or color.

One idea, continuing the neutral string element. (And too many others to show photos of.)

I finally went with this, colorful Liberated Log Cabin blocks and then kept the idea of yellow strings for rays of the Sun for the star round. The brown to connect the basket.

Next round's theme was Something Fishy. I had a ton of ideas, pinwheels to represent a fish wheel, wonky Bear Paw blocks for bears catching fish in the river, string pieced diamond shapes for fish and etc. But that meant making the top even larger and I really didn't want to do that. So I made blue circles. Blue for water, circles for bubbles in the water. I don't know, it worked for me. LOL

The finish top is 36" x 37". Now to decide how to quilt it!

 This project has been really a different experience for me. I normally follow a pattern fairly close,  making a few changes, but this is the first time I have "started from scratch" so to speak. I plan on making another one and try to improve my liberated quilting skills. Many thanks to Lori, Wendy, Cynthia, Katy and Cathy for hosting this QAL!!

Thanks so much for sticking with me through my ramblings! Happy Quilting, Rebecca