Saturday, February 18, 2017

Yankee Diary and the Planning of a Baby Quilt

I finished the first two blocks for Barbara Brackman's Yankee Diary BOM. You can read about it HERE.  It looks like my colors are going to be red, cheddar and navy. I hope to keep up and not fall behind like I did on the last BOM, but sometimes life happens and other distractions come along.

And speaking of distractions, I said I was not going to do any other SAL or BOM besides the Yankee Diary and I have already fallen off the wagon! Randy of  Barrister's Block blog is having a QAL I could not resist. Especially since I still have a large stash of plaids to use up. You can read about it HERE and HERE and.  It is suppose to begin on March 1. Below is a photo of the pattern we will be making.

Randy called the block Gentleman's Fancy, I found it online called Bachelor's Puzzle so not positive on the name

So the big news is that my DS3 and his Sweetheart, who will be known as DS3S are having a little girl!! So I  am planning a baby quilt. They decided on dragonflies for the theme. I wasn't sure if I would find a pattern for a dragonfly baby quilt or not, but did find this one on Etsy. (Below are photos of the quilt from online.)  I will be changing it up a little.

First, it is going to be a little smaller. The original quilt was 42" x 51", I thought that was a little long for a newborn. I printed off the photo of the quilt and cut it down, then re-copied it. I will probably make the outer border a little wider.

Second, no frogs or snails.  I will be substituting flowers and butterflies in the blank squares of this photo.
I covered up the images with a square of paper and copied that. I will draw in the design I plan to use.

Fabrics I purchased. DS3S loves purple, and like me not a big fan of pink, but there will be a little.

Added some fabrics from my stash.

Now to get busy!

Thank you for stopping by!  Happy Quilting, Rebecca


  1. The baby quilt pattern you've chosen is simple and oh, so sweet. I can tell you're excited about changing it up and making it just right for this new little girl who'll soon be joining you family. Randy's SAL design will look great using your plaids. Go for it!

  2. What a happy news of a new baby girl on the way! I am sure your dragen fly version will turn out lovely. Beautiful applique work and I love the quilt you showed!

  3. Congratulations on the impending birth of a little girl. Babies are so precious. Good luck on the quilt. I have to make a couple (no gender) by May.

  4. I love your Yankee Diary flower block - perfect fabrics and colors. I'm following that BOM from a distance, trying to finish up some old UFO's before starting too many new projects. New grandbabies are the best reason for starting another quilt (or two). Your dragonfly quilt is going to be adorable!

  5. sweet little quilt this is going to be. congrats

  6. Love your baby quilt project! Beautiful applique work, too.

  7. You are right our tulip blocks are the same colors. I haven't done the liberty block yet. Hope to start it tomorrow. Love all your projects. Hugs

  8. Beautiful applique work, Rebecca.
    Randy's SAL is a block I have long wanted to make--and I have wanted to make it from plaid shirts. I know the block as Goose in the Pond. Blocks have so many names! I have been trying to stay strong on this and one other SAL. After a year of not doing any I am finding too many that appeal to me this year. : )
    You have been very thorough in the planning stages of the baby quilt for the new little one. It will be very pretty in those fabrics!

  9. Congratulations on the news of a new grandbaby! You dragonfly quilt for the baby will be perfect!
    The new BOM project is going to be wonderful. Your Yankee Diary is off to a fabulous start, love your colors & fabric choice.

    Aunt Reen

  10. A new grandie!! Congrats. What a cute quilt that you've making. Can't wait to see the final project. . . . . Are you finished yet? LOL!

  11. Pretty quilt blocks, and I can't blame you for the barrister's block they are lovely. How great to have a new grand daughter, and the colors are going to be wonderful.

  12. Dragonflies, I need to look for this pattern. I need some motivation to finish the quilt I started for my 1st granddaughter because now I have a 2nd granddaughter to make a quilt for, too.

  13. How exciting to be having a new baby girl in the family!!! I just love your dragonfly ideas - this will be a lovely little quilt! And excited to see how your plaids work up in the QAL blocks (whatever they are called LOL).

  14. Congratulations for your fine work on your LIBERTY applique. I tried and failed to applique those tiny letters. Yours looks beautiful.


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