Friday, February 10, 2017

Catching Up

This is a "Catching Up" post, sorry, it is a little long and there are a lot of photos. We had a cold spell in January, almost a week of -30*F to -40*F during the day and nights at -55*F.  I was just going to add this photo for a laugh, but then my husband took the truck in to have the oil changed at a shop that is close to this business and they said they had -68* one day, so maybe it wasn't wrong. ??

I have to show off what I won! Janet of the Rogue Quilter blog had a giveaway and I won this wonderful Primitive Gatherings Snowman pattern and she included these lovely soaps. If you have never read her blog you are really missing out. She makes the most marvelous mini quilts, and when I say mini, I mean mini. They are AMAZING! (You can visit her blog HERE.)

Next up is my finished Front Porch top. I did all the applique using the needleturn method. I am really happy with how it turned out. It was so fun sewing along with the other ladies. A big thank you to Lori of Humble Quilts for hosting this SAL. Lori is another amazing and talented quilter! (You can visit her blog HERE.)

Lori shared a photo of my top on her blog!

I added some summer berries to this basket.

I added another bird and flower to these baskets.

The baby birds got some berries too.

I have also been doing some string piecing. I would like to finish up the Spiderweb top I started in Bonnie Hunter's class a couple of years ago. I got out my Featherweight and set it up for paper piecing. This will leave my other machine free for other projects.

Poirot keeping Betsy and me company.

These were the blocks I finished in class. I have decided to do the blocks a little differently. I will use all the same color of  kite parts in  each block instead of mixing them up.

So, we used up almost all the firewood we had stored in the basement. That means bringing in loads from our stockpile in the yard.

Besides the cold weather it seems, like the rest of the country, we have been getting more snow this winter. Somebody had to do a little shoveling on the roof!

After a  little shoveling I got warmed up! Off came the parka.

Not done yet!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Quilting, Rebecca


  1. Love your Front Porch -- your plaids are really special along with your added birds, flowers and berries! Congrats on getting it done!!

  2. Beautiful quilt top! Well done! I am so jeaulous of all the snow you are having but I don't know if I could bear the cold...!

  3. I realize that roofs need to get shoveled when there is that much snow, but oh, girlfriend do be careful. I could never live through a winter with those temperatures, you are a strong woman. I guess Alaska makes you strong. I love your front porch quilt, it is amazing :) Stay warm and be careful. Now, on to visit the blogs that you shared with us.
    Think Spring!
    Connie :)

  4. Oh my that is a lot of snow and super cold!! Lovely job on your Front Porch quilt.

  5. love your quilts - I can't imagine it being that cold and we did experience really cold when we lived in Idaho for 3 years - one winter we had a month of between 0 - -30 and it was very cold. But -74! what can I say but wow! I can't begin to imagine how many layers you need to wear when you go out when it is that cold. And here in central Arkansas we have only had a half inch of snow this winter and the daffodils are blooming already - we might still get cold snowy weather as it is not uncommon in early March with the daffodils peaking out but we know it will be nothing like what we would get in the north

  6. You must be getting all our snow! We've had less than three inches this year, of snow, sleet, frozen rain, etc. I've seen forsythia blooming, and our daffodils are coming up. It will get cold eventually and kill everything, I suppose. Great weather for quilting, and you're getting a lot done!!

  7. Your Front Porch is lovely, Rebecca, with all those little pops of colour! So happy and cheerful. Looks like you've kept busy!

  8. OK that is too cold for me and I was complaining at -25 a couple of years ago. Your front porch quilt is gorgeous, and love your spiderweb blocks they are so cheerful. You need a roof rake, you are a brave woman up there shoveling.

  9. Oh, Rebecca--you just robbed me of my right to complain of the cold! We NEVER see anything that bad. We have had days below zero, but not even close to that temp!
    I'm glad you liked your little package. : )
    Really loving your front porch quilts with all the plaids! Such a cozy look.
    Your spider web is really pretty.
    I let the menfolk shovel the roof--and I make the hot chocolate.

  10. I cannot imagine temperatures like you have it has rarely reached freeing point here this year though as I write it is trying to snow very half heartedly though.
    The quilt is amazing so much to see and admire on it and the blocks you and Betsy are making look lovely so colourful. Very brave to climb onto the roof and sweep off the snow.

  11. The colors of your Front Porch are wonderful, bight and cheerful, just like a front porch be. The string you're stitching up are just as cheerful. You must be needing those colors in the cold darker days of winter. You look pretty cute up there on the roof.

  12. Congratulations - your Front Porch finished up so Fabulous! Such a beautiful quilt top! You are very brave to be up on that roof shoveling. I hope Spring comes early for you this year.

  13. OMG...I don't think I could function at those temps. Congrats on your win. I have that table runner pattern. Your Front Porch is beautiful. It's a great finish. Stay warm. Hugs

  14. Wow! You are more woman than I am girlfriend!!! I can honestly say that of all my many accomplishments, shoveling off the roof is not one of them 🙀 I may have to add that to my bucket list LOL!!! LOVE your quilt - oh my gosh those plaids are so amazing and make a truly beautiful quilt - congrats!!!!

  15. Looks like you got a lot of sitting done in the cold weather. Love your Front Porch quilt colours and finish.


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