Monday, January 2, 2017

Front Porch SAL

Happy New Year!!

 I hope everyone has a wonderful new year, with time to spend with those dearest to you and time to fufill your quilting dreams!

It is time once again to share our progress on the Front Porch SAL, hosted by the Lovely Lori of Humble Quilts. Due to my busy Christmas gift quilting which you can read about  HERE, I only got this month's blocks prepped for applique, though I did finish the bicyle block. I will be linking up with the other ladies sewing along over at Lori's blog HERE.

Bicycle block completed.

The Sailboat block.

I opted to make more basket blocks to replace the floral fabric blocks.

I also went back and replaced the blue and orange pinwheel blocks I had made to replace the squares of floral fabric used in the original quilt.

You can see the pinwheel blocks in this photo. I was jsut never happy with them.

This is the Jan Patek pattern we used, you can see the large floral fabric blocks.

For the house block and the other flower block I replaced the pinwheels with baskets. I am thinking of adding some flowers to the a few of the baskets.

In the original quilt there was also a floral fabric block included in the Birdhouse block. I decided to add a couple of baby birds for the mama bird.

Baby birds ready to stitch.

So I have a lot of hand stitching before this top will be ready to sew together. 

 It is also the time to start thinking about quilting plans for the new year. I am still mulling over what I want to do, though there are some projects I would really like to finish up. But I will be making some baby quilts!! Over the holidays we received news of two new additions to our family. Our youngest son and his long time sweetheart are expecting their first child in July and one of our grandsons and his girlfriend are expecting a baby in August.

Happy Quilting, Rebecca


  1. Yippy skippy! I love your quilt with all of the plaids. And your baby birds.... oh my, I simply inserted a piece of fabric that I love for all of those blocks but I just may need to add some babies..... and you are right about the baskets -- Moose Bay Muses added some beautiful flowers to her baskets -- sharing ideas is the best. Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. I love your plaids, what a great look. It s so fun seeing everyone's interpretations. Yours is wonderful!

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  3. This will make for a special 'you' quilt. Love when quilters take liberty to change up a pattern to suit their style and taste.

  4. I really like the plaids/homespuns.... and great idea about the two baby birds.... what a great quiltalong!

  5. Well done on the bicycle block. Does not look like an easy one to have done.

  6. love that bike!! congrats on a new baby in the future for the family

  7. I love the fabric you used for your Porch Quilt! I want to see it again when it's all together. You had some wonderful substitutions for those big floral blocks. Nice work!

  8. Great quilt love the bicycle. Congratulations on the upcoming new additions to the family.

  9. so much to see and admire in this wonderful quilt loving it especially your bicycle

  10. I love the addition of those baby birds--so cute!!

  11. New baby's on the way....always so exciting!
    I love the way you change the quilt to make it more your own! I do that too sometimes just to add something special and more 'me' to it! I love the patterns of Jan.
    Happy Stitiching!

  12. Congratulations on the new babies soon to join your family!
    Your Front Porch quilt is coming along just beautiful!
    It looks like you are nearly finished now.

    Wishing you a very Happy & Productive 2017!

  13. Good news for your family. Congratulations. You've done a marvelous job making your quilt your own. It will be done soon.

  14. Your quilts always amaze me, but this one is outstanding. You are so talented. New babies to make quilts for, how very exciting. I think of quilts as being a way to hug those I love, even when they are miles away.

  15. Know you are all ready picturing what to make those little ones who will soon join your exciting! What a great quilt you have growing - all the plaids are so charming and that bike brings smiles!! Adorable!

  16. love your blocks and your version of the quilt. mama needs baby birds, right? congrats on news of babies. so so fun to sew for babies.


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