Monday, November 7, 2016

Just Call Me Dory!

So, I have had my eye on Susan Smith's Stonefields Quilt for a very long time and  Gay Bomers of Sentimental Stitches is now offering it as a BOM. Resistance is Futile! I signed up. If you are interested you can check it out HERE. (Or you can purchase the pattern.)

Stonefields Quilt

So many wonderful blocks in this quilt!

Of course I have been doing some pattern shoppng too!

And book shopping! 

I have always  admired Marie Webster's quilts.  I love her Poppy quilt! I would like to make this someday.

I have been trying to make our guild meetings the last few months. After each meeting we have a Craft Day, usually a class or sometimes putting a guild project together. In October Rena, taught a Bargello class. It was a very interesting process. It was like putting a puzzle together. I don't think I picked my fabrics quite right. I used my African violets for inspiration. 

The sample she shared.

Different layouts.

Only two other members stayed for the class.

Joyce's Bargello

Karen's Bargello

This is my  mine. 

I don't think I chose my fabrics very well. I ended up with a large empty looking space in the center. What to do? Applique!!

Added a vine.

Now adding flowers. I will see where this takes me.

I did finish our king sized bed quilt! It finisned at 108" x 108". I used wool batting.

The only place I have room to lay it out is on the deck. (We had more snow!)

Janet, I did feathers!

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Quilting, Rebecca


  1. I love the Stonefields design but it is so expensive for a pattern.

  2. Lots of eye candy today. We've taught a couple of bargello classes here at the house - from wallhanging size and a few kings.

  3. WooHoo on the feathers, Rebecca!! Great job! I love the quilt.
    Stonefields is a major commitment. That is so overwhelming to me. I am impressed with those of you that take on such quilts.
    I have always been intimidated by the bargello style quilts. I see nothing wrong with your fabric choices, but the vine and flowers are a cute addition. : )

  4. The Stonefields pattern is beautiful, I've been drooling over it for years. I love the applique on your bargello quilt, it adds a special zing! Blessings, Gretchen

  5. I have always love seeing the Stonefields quilts popping up. It's gorgeous, so I'll enjoy watching yours from afar. You've done some fun shopping.

  6. Great patterns. I haven't been doing much sewing, but I have been buying books, patterns, and tools as well as fabric too.

  7. Your King size Star quilt turned out Fabulous!
    Congratulations, what a big job that must have been.

    I am beyond excited that you signed up for the Stonefields quilt - I did too!
    My heart always flutters when I see this quilt and blocks made by our international quilting friends.
    How fun this will be to follow your journey.

  8. Dori has said it accurately. Love what you're looking at. Marie Webster's poppy quilt is wondeful. It would be fun to work on that pattern as well, as the Caswell quilt. Oh, my gosh, I'm a Dori! What a wonderful finish on your quilt. I like how you've added the applique to your Bargello. It makes a nice background for the fun flowers.

  9. When you showed the diagonal green appliqué I thought you should add some violets and you did! Love where it is heading!

  10. It just never ends does it - always new temptations! Your Stonefields project will be quite the journey - a stunning project definitely.
    Excellent idea to add applique to your bargello quilt - it looks wonderful. Your header photo is gorgeous - looks like you may finally get a snowy winter?

  11. I look forward to seeing your completed blocks for the Stonefields BOM. Also, I very much liked your choice of colors for the bargello quilt. The center didn't look empty to me, just bright and glowing.

  12. I think we are a whole school of Dory's all together here, Rebecca! Stonefields is a wonderful project. And what about En Provence, now? I shouldn't, but I probably will. :D


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