Sunday, October 23, 2016

Winter Is Here!

It looks like Winter is here in Alaska. We had 4" of snow on Friday and last night it got down to -10*. It will warm back up, but the snow is probably here to stay. It is hard to say though, we have been having mild Winters (for Alaska)  the last couple of years.

I am sure this post will come as  a surprise to everyone since it appeared I had disappeared from blogland. I have been busy quilting even if I have not been busy blogging. First up, there was a request from our guild for "fire" quilt tops. Fire quilts are our main charity program. We make and give quilts to families who have lost their homes to a fire. The year before we gave out 12 quilts and our stockpile was very low. In fact there were no large quilts at all. So I complete two queen size tops. The tops have been passed on to a member who will quilt them on a long arm machine.

This is a Missouri Star pattern called Four-Patch Star, I use a fabric line called Sundrops.

 This one was made with fabric donated to the guild. The ladies grouped the fabrics by color and I chose green.

I am way, way, behind on the Front Porch and Gwennie Medaliion SALs I joined. I did finally get my watermelons stitched for the Front Porch SAL and haved started my vase blocks for the next month.  
I will be linking up with Lori of Humble quilts, HERE. You can see the other stitchers progress!

Two of the vase blocks. I am not too sure about that purple flower.

All my blocks so far.

I have completed all the hand pieced baskets for my Sweet William Quilt and have started prepping the applique half of the blocks.

36 hand pieced Sweet William baskets.


I was finally able to layer and spray baste this king sized quilt top in September. This will be our new bed quilt.It finished at 108" X 108"! (This is the same pattern  I used for the Fire quilt above.)

The only space large enough was the deck and I had to wait till we have enough dry days to lay it out.

Now I am on to the quilting!

Happy Quilting, Rebecca

*A note to any other bloggers out there that are classical music lovers like I am. You can get a wonderful station from California online. It is KUSC. There are no commercials! It is member supported and they are having a fund raisning event until Wednesday or Thursday. I downloaded an app for my iPad and my phone. Beautiful music to quilt to!