Thursday, June 16, 2016

This and That for Thursday

My Tumbler Leader/Ender Challenge is a top! It finished at 68 1/2" by 80". I am looking forward to Bonnie Hunter's next Leader/Ender Challenge. I think she will post it in July.

And I still have a ton of tumbler pieces!

I finished the fifth Westering Women block, Platte River. You can read more about this BOM on Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts blog  HERE and HERE.  I have enjoyed reading about the women and their journey West. It's not too late to join in the fun!

All five of the Westering Women blocks so far.

My small quilt for the guild's auction is a top too! I have it basted and am ready to start the hand quilting. 

I have also started a new knitting project. I really love this pattern! 

This is the yarn I am using. It is Swish DK from Knit Picks in the color Garnet Heather. I used the photo from their web site because I could never get a good photo. It is a little darker than this.

Now for some fun catching up on my blog reading! Happy Quilting, Rebecca

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Gwennie Inspired Medallion

I have been so anxiously waiting for this day! I can't wait to see everyone's Gwennie Baskets! I have never attempted anything like this, the closest I have gotten were a few Liberated Log Cabin blocks. I am not even sure if I have gone the right direction with this which is another reason I have been so anxious to see the other's medallions. But I did have some certain things in mind when I started. One, I knew I wanted a neutral string pieced background and two, I knew I wanted flowers. Nothing was in bloom up here when we started the QAL and I was longing for some Spring flowers! I had hoped to add a bird, but now I am not sure.
Lots of doing, undoing and redoing, on this block! I started off with 4 - 8 1/2" square string blocks and sewed those together. Then finally decided on my basket, I cut out several freehand shapes. From there I started adding flowers and realized the background was not large enough, so started adding more string pieces log cabin style around my square. I cut out all the flower and leaf shapes freehand except the yellow tulips. I used a Piece'O Cake pattern. On the whole I think I am happy with it, I could still add my bird if I wanted to later, or make other changes.  I can't wait to see what the next theme will be!
I will be linking up with everyone at Lori's blog Humble Quilts HERE.

My medallion measures  22 1/2"  X  22 1/2". 

My tumbler top keeps growing, but it still needs more rows. This project was from Bonnie Hunter's Leader/Ender Challenge we started last summer. She will start a new one in July so I hope to have this top done by then.

I got a little more done on the  quilt for the guild's auction.

Happy quilting and thanks for stopping by! Rebecca

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Front Porch SAL & Quilty 365

I have joined in with Lori of Humble Quilts and other quilters to make Jan Patek's Front Porch quilt. We are doing one block a month. I pondered my fabric choices for quite a while as usual. I have been collecting men's cotton shirts for sometime now with the purpose of making more Bonnie Hunter quilts and other scrap quilts. I have collected a lot of shirts! I decided it was time to start using them. This is my Block One. This is going to be a fun quilt, made extra special by sewing along with other quilters!

This is Jan Patek's Front Porch quilt we are doing. You can read more about the SAL on Lori"s blog HERE and I will be linking up with other participants HERE. I really look forward to seeing everyone's first blocks!

My leaves for May's Quilty 365. I joined in with Audrey on November 5, 2015 and I am on day 209. I will be linking up at Audrey's blog, Quilty Folk  HERE.

I have also started work on my quilt for our guild's auction at our local fair this summer. It is a Lori Smith pattern called "Blue Birds in the Flower Garden". It will finish at 16" x 20".

It doesn't look like much yet but it is a start.

This is a photo of the pattern I am doing, I am using pretty much the same color way.

Happy Quilting! Rebecca