Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I just want to wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! I am so thankful for all of the wonderful friends I have made through blogging. You are each a special blessing in my life.

I did finish the Christmas gift quilts and even made an extra one. I also made dozens and dozens of cinnamon rolls, white fruitcake, cookies, fudge and peanut butter fudge. Now it is time to relax for a bit, straighten up my sewing area and decide what projects I want to focus on now. And catch up on my blog reading!  With the Winter Soltice now behind us we will gradually start gaining daylight, I think we will gain a minute or two today.

This is the "Black" quilt for one of my granddaughters. It finished at 72" x 72". This was the one I thought I would have trouble with but it came together  smoothly.

I  love the backing fabric I used on this so much that I plan to order more to use on future quilts.

This is the quilt I made for my teenage basketball loving, playing, grandson. I thought that this would be a simple quilt, but I changed patterns several times and now wished I had placed some solid squares in it to tone it down a little. It finished at 70" x 80".  I hope he likes it!

I used a free pattern called "Knock On Wood" by Riley Blake. You can find it on their website HERE.
I could not do a link to this specific pattern.

My brothers quilt, Smokey Mountain Stars. It finished at 70" x78" and made it  to Washington!

This is the 'extra' quilt. One of my older grandson's girlfriend has a little girl about 1 1/2 years old.. So of course she has to have a quilt! I dug through the stash and was surprised how many pinks I found. I only purchased a few white/pink prints and pink minky for the backing. It finished at 40" x 48". I hope she will like to cuddle up with it.

Sorry it looks a little wrinkled up, I had it all folded up for wrapping, then remembered to take a photo.

Just a simple loopy meander, I did not use a batting but a piece of flannel so it would not be too heavy.

Happy Quilting, Rebecca

Monday, November 28, 2016

Front Porch SAL Part 7

I am almost caught up on the Front Porch SAL. All I have left on the bicycle block is to stitch down some of the bike parts. And I would have gotten those finished but, remember my name is Dory! I got distracted with new projects. Quilts for Christmas gifts! I am little late starting them, but I think I can get them done if sew, sew, sew. More about those after the photos of my Front Porch progress.

I will be linking up with Lori of Humble Quilts and the other ladies HERE

I almost have all of the pieces of the bicycle block stitched down

I completed the birdhouse block and the side blocks that go with it, except for one. I have not decided what I want to do for it, maybe a bird or another pinwheel block.

Close up of the birdhouse, I really like this one.

Below are all the blocks together. I am not 100% sure about the blue and orange pinwheel blocks I have used, may rethink those.

Sorry for the poor photo, but I have no place to lay them and my "design wall" is too small.

Now for the Christmas gift quilts. The first on is a Bonnie Hunter pattern called Smokey Mountain Stars. You can find the free pattern HERE. I have had the top done for a long time and I finally got it quilted last week and I am stitching down the binding now. I am sending this one to my brother, he recently purchased a new home so this will be a House Warming/Christmas gift combined.

Smokey Mountain Star for my brother.

I just did a simple loopy meader.

I am planning on two quilts for grandkids. I have one top done for a granddaughter whose favorite color is black. I am just waiting for the backing fabric to arrive and hopefully I can get it quilted quickly. I am still working on the second top for a grandson. My original plan is not working out, but I am hopeful I can figure something out in the next couple of days and get his top finished soon.

Quilt top for one of my granddaughters.

This is the backing fabric I ordered, I love all the words and sayings on it.

As I write this post we have about -20* temperature, it is headed down to -30*. It  will be a cold

 Happy Quilting, Rebecca

Monday, November 7, 2016

Just Call Me Dory!

So, I have had my eye on Susan Smith's Stonefields Quilt for a very long time and  Gay Bomers of Sentimental Stitches is now offering it as a BOM. Resistance is Futile! I signed up. If you are interested you can check it out HERE. (Or you can purchase the pattern.)

Stonefields Quilt

So many wonderful blocks in this quilt!

Of course I have been doing some pattern shoppng too!

And book shopping! 

I have always  admired Marie Webster's quilts.  I love her Poppy quilt! I would like to make this someday.

I have been trying to make our guild meetings the last few months. After each meeting we have a Craft Day, usually a class or sometimes putting a guild project together. In October Rena, taught a Bargello class. It was a very interesting process. It was like putting a puzzle together. I don't think I picked my fabrics quite right. I used my African violets for inspiration. 

The sample she shared.

Different layouts.

Only two other members stayed for the class.

Joyce's Bargello

Karen's Bargello

This is my  mine. 

I don't think I chose my fabrics very well. I ended up with a large empty looking space in the center. What to do? Applique!!

Added a vine.

Now adding flowers. I will see where this takes me.

I did finish our king sized bed quilt! It finisned at 108" x 108". I used wool batting.

The only place I have room to lay it out is on the deck. (We had more snow!)

Janet, I did feathers!

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Quilting, Rebecca

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Winter Is Here!

It looks like Winter is here in Alaska. We had 4" of snow on Friday and last night it got down to -10*. It will warm back up, but the snow is probably here to stay. It is hard to say though, we have been having mild Winters (for Alaska)  the last couple of years.

I am sure this post will come as  a surprise to everyone since it appeared I had disappeared from blogland. I have been busy quilting even if I have not been busy blogging. First up, there was a request from our guild for "fire" quilt tops. Fire quilts are our main charity program. We make and give quilts to families who have lost their homes to a fire. The year before we gave out 12 quilts and our stockpile was very low. In fact there were no large quilts at all. So I complete two queen size tops. The tops have been passed on to a member who will quilt them on a long arm machine.

This is a Missouri Star pattern called Four-Patch Star, I use a fabric line called Sundrops.

 This one was made with fabric donated to the guild. The ladies grouped the fabrics by color and I chose green.

I am way, way, behind on the Front Porch and Gwennie Medaliion SALs I joined. I did finally get my watermelons stitched for the Front Porch SAL and haved started my vase blocks for the next month.  
I will be linking up with Lori of Humble quilts, HERE. You can see the other stitchers progress!

Two of the vase blocks. I am not too sure about that purple flower.

All my blocks so far.

I have completed all the hand pieced baskets for my Sweet William Quilt and have started prepping the applique half of the blocks.

36 hand pieced Sweet William baskets.


I was finally able to layer and spray baste this king sized quilt top in September. This will be our new bed quilt.It finished at 108" X 108"! (This is the same pattern  I used for the Fire quilt above.)

The only space large enough was the deck and I had to wait till we have enough dry days to lay it out.

Now I am on to the quilting!

Happy Quilting, Rebecca

*A note to any other bloggers out there that are classical music lovers like I am. You can get a wonderful station from California online. It is KUSC. There are no commercials! It is member supported and they are having a fund raisning event until Wednesday or Thursday. I downloaded an app for my iPad and my phone. Beautiful music to quilt to!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Gwennie Inspired Medallion - Part Three

For the third border of  our Gwennie Inspired Medallion QAL, Cathy, of Big Lake Quilter blog, choose Log Cabins as our theme.  You can visit her blog HERE. As I thought about how to incorporate Log Cabin blocks in the next round I was reminded that I have actually lived in real log cabins. At least four through out our marriage. In Idaho, Montana, and here in Alaska. When I say "real" log cabins, that includes all the amenities, no electricity, no running water, an outhouse for a bathroom, and logs. We heated with a wood stove and in several I cooked on a wood cookstove. So for my Log Cabin theme, I bordered my center in brown strips for logs and cream strips for the cabin chinking and sewed them around the medallion in log cabin style. My border is not very wonky, but I thought the top needed a "break" from the busyness of the last two rounds.

I did think of several other ideas, including string squares to represent log cabins or wonky houses. I also drew some ideas out on a photo copy of the medallion, but the brown and cream borders just looked the best.

I so look forward to seeing everyone's Log Cabin rounds! I am sure I will see amazing creations and as always, wonder why I didn't think of that! Our next theme is Stars chosen by Katy of Katy Quilts, you can visit her blog HERE. After my  more control Log Cabin border I think my Stars will be more liberated.

I will be linking up with Lori and other ladies doing this QAL at Lori's blog Humble Quilts. You can see photos of some of the wonderful Gwennie Medallions on her blog HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! Rebecca

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Front Porch SAL Month 3

I am doing a SAL with Lori of Humble Quilts and several other ladies. We are doing Jan Patek's Front Porch pattern. We did the basket block this month. You can see more blocks on Lori's blog HERE. I'm a little late because I was busy with my Guild projects, which you can see HERE. And because it took me forever to decide on fabrics, as usual.

This is the Pattern we are doing. Up next are the watermelons!

I did get my June Dresden flower prepped.

June's RSC block

My Dresden Garden contines to grow!

And my 365 Leaves for June. As of the end of June I was on day 239. 

Thanks for stopping by! Rebecca

Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's a Top! It's A Flimsy! No! It's a Quilt!

So I have been absent from blogland and the world of the internet for a while. It was not intentional, just busy with life and busy with quilting. I have been concentating on my little quilts for our guild's silent auction this year. It will be held at our local fair on July 29 - 30.

My first quilt for the auction is a Lori Smith pattern titled "Bluebirds in the Flower Garden".  It measures 16" x 20". I did needle turn applique and hand quilted it.

Bluebirds in the Flower Garden.

My next item for the auction is a Tiny Tumbler quilt. It measures 15" x  20". I used my tiny Civil War repro fabric scraps for this one. I machine pieced and quilted this one. I love this one so much I may make a second one for myself. I think it would be a great little table topper.

And I finally finished my Lozenge quilt from Bonnie Hunter's 2014 Leader/Ender Challenge! You can read more about it HERE.  It has been sitting around quite a while waiting to be quilted. I just did a loopy meander for the quilting. I also use my leftover pieces of binding to finish it off. I have lots more leftover binding pieces. I always seem to make way too much, but it works out okay because I have ready made binding for my scrappy quilts.

So many fabrics and so many memories!

 I made my son welding hats with the fish and flame fabrics.

Lots of fabric pieces from quilts made for grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Tools and bugs for boys.

Happy Quilting! Rebecca