Monday, November 30, 2015

Old Voices New Impressions - November Blocks

It has been a busy month so I am so happy I was able to finish all four blocks this month. Just think, four more blocks and I will have them all done and ready to put the quilt top together. I have my doubts though of getting the December blocks finished in time, with Christmas baking and other activities this time of year. I will be linking up with Karen of Log Cabin Quilter, HERE. I look forward to seeing everyone progress this month!

November's blocks

Twins.  Do you notice the 'eye' on the gold bird. I did not fussy cut that, it was just a happy accident. I think I will need to add an eye to the red bird now.

  Morning Glory block. After I finished this one I wished I had chosen a lighter blue.

Open Wreath block

Strawberries block

Happy Quilting! Rebecca

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my American blogging friends, a very happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a blessed day.

We  are supposed to join family tomorrow in Fairbanks for a Thanksgiving meal. I spent the day baking pies. But we have a winter storm warning and have heard the roads a very bad, so we may not make the 100 mile trek north after all.

On a quilting note, I have been keeping up with the Quilty 365 project. I am choosing a fabric for my leaves each day. I try to take my time and choose something that represents each day. I have not done a very good job of getting them appliqued each day though!

I joined in on November 5.

I also finished the charity quilt top and dropped it off with the guild.

I had trouble finding a place to take a photo, this was the best I could do. it is actually sidewise here.

I turned the photo so you could see what it should look like!

                                                        Happy Quilting! Rebecca

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tumblers, Big and Small and This and That

So, I have set my other projects aside for a bit to make another Fire Quilt for the guild. ( Fire Quilts are our guilds charity project, quilts are given to families who have lost their homes to a fire).
 I was having so much fun sewing little tumblers for Bonnie Hunter's Leader/Ender Challenge, I decided on a Tumbler design. I ordered a 10" template and got all the pieces cut on Sunday. I started sewing some together yesterday.

10" tumblers cut out. I am not using the exact pattern in the photo, just using it to get the lay out right.

Arranging the tumblers, all this fabric was donated to the guild.

Sewing 2 1/2" tumblers as leader/enders.

 I have also been thinking about joining Bonnie Hunter's Allietare Mystery, you can read more about it HERE. I dug through my fabrics and scraps an have quite a few I can use, but had no gray. I ordered a few pieces of fabric on line. Of course the fabric colors looked right in the website photo, but were not an exact match. That's oaky I will use them anyways, it should be scrappy right?

Fabrics from my stash for Allietare Mystery.
Fabrics I ordered, the gray and reds are a little dark.

I also ordered some patterns from Lori Smith of "From My heart to Your Hands".  I am thinking ahead to our guild's silent auction of small quilts. I may do one of these.

I finally got my Lozenge top spray basted and ready to quilt. It is such a major job to get a quilt basted for me. It involes moving furniture to make enough room, so I tend to put it off.

Lozenge top basted.

We have been having some cooler temperatures. Monday night we had  -16*,  not as cold as they predicted though. Winter is here!

 My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris.   Rebecca

Friday, November 13, 2015

King Size!

A while back we bought a new bed. We got a king size this time and are very happy with it, but our quilt doesn't fit! That means time to make a new one! I really want to make Bonnie Hunter's Smith Mountain Morning pattern, my husband and I both love this one. But this pattern will take me a while to make. I have started collecting brown and blue plaids.

I got to see Bonnie Hunter's original quilt up close and personal when she came here to teach.

 So in the meantime, I am working on a simpler one, Four Patch Stars. I first saw this quilt on Donna's blog, Quilted Choclate, you can read about her quilt HERE and HERE. She is doing a wonderful scrappy version!   It is a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern, you can see the free tutorial HERE .

 If I have done the math right, I will need 36 blocks. I have four sample blocks done and now will finish sewing th 16 patches together and making the rest of the 1/2 square triangles.

I am using Paisley Park by Moda, the star in the left hand corner is a dark blue, not black. Only 32 more blocks!

Jenny Doan showed a great way to make the 1/2 square triangles for the star points using 10" squares. You end up with eight, but then you  have to trim them down.

 I was using my 4 1/2" square ruler to do the trimming, but it kept slipping. I tried this tape which I read about online but, it didn't work, my ruler was still slipping.

So I tried this, Tender Tape. It would not stick to the ruler, so I used some double sided tape to attach it to the back of my ruler. It worked like a charm , no more slipping!

Thank you for stopping by!  Rebecca

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Great-Granddaughter!

My granddaughter is expecting a little girl in February! I went to a baby shower for her a couple of weeks ago.
My granddaughter and I at the baby shower.

A new baby means a baby quilt! This is the pattern we have chosen. I still need to purchase fabric, but I am not in a hurry. I will probably not start working on this quilt until the Old Voices New Impressions sew along is done.

In the mean time I made a small flannel blanket for her.

I got a chance to use a decorative on my machine.

I have been keeping up making my leaves for Quilty 365.

I started on November 5th, I have not chosen my fabric for today yet.

Happy Quilting! Rebecca

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Quilty 365

I don't know if all you are familiar with Audrey's "Quilty Folk" blog, if not here is a LINK, so you can check it out. She has a wonderful blog, sharing her thoughts, her life and her amazing quilts. I have read her blog for sometime now and always look forward her posts. I don't remember her ever making a quilt from a pattern she has purchased. (She may have, but I don't remember it)  She designs her own quilts expressing herself though her unique and beautiful designs. Each quilt is a journey that she shares with her readers. She has started a new journey, Quilty 365, and has invited others to join in. Basically, you choose a fabric that represents the day for you, cut a circle and applique it to a square. One fabric for each day ( the above link to her blog is where this process is explained more clearly). It will basically be a journal or dairy in fabric. We will do it for 365 days, one year.

 I knew right away that I would love to participate. I had my first circle chosen and was going to start cutting background squares. Then I started to think about what this quilt would represent and re-thought what I wanted to do. I don't think I analyze my quilting process too much, usually I see a quilt I love or think someone else will, and  make it. This quilt will be different, it will express my life one day at a time.

 I started think about the last year and everything I had been through, which recalled to mind this quote from Albert Schweitzer, "Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf." There was a time not too long ago that I was feeling there was not much beauty in the world.

  I also started thinking about family and all that my family means to me. This thought lead me to family trees, how a leaf on a family tree represents each person, about our lives going by one day at a time. So, I am not sure how to express it, but I decided to do a leaf shape for each day. I will probably use a few different simple leaf shapes and pick the one that fits the day and I may put it on a square or a rectangle depending.  If you are joining in this journey please mention it in a comment, I would to travel through the year with you and watch your progress.

My first leaf for November 5, 2015.

Happy Quilting! Rebecca