Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Old Voices New Impressions Sew Along and a Fire Quilt

I have surprised myself by keeeping up with the sew along! Below are the four blocks I made for September. I have decided to continue making the blocks as they are positioned in the Cranberry Album quilt, which we are reproducing. Karen at Log Cabin Quilter is hosting the sew along you can see her blocks HERE and Cathy of Big Lake Quilter is also sewing along, you can see her blocks HERE. Is there anyone else sewing with us? I would love to see you blocks!

Four blocks for September.

Cherries and Strawberries

Bird With Fruit

Acorn and Oak Leaf

Moss Rose

Twelve finished blocks.

I have also been working on a Fire Quilt. This is what our guild call our charity quilts because they are given to families who have lost their homes to fire. It is sad to say say we have several each winter. We had a guild member move and she donated lots of fabric for the purpose of making these quilts. I picked up some of the fabric a while back, some lights, mediums and darks with the idea of making a rail fence pattern, Then a couple of weeks a go I got this magazine at JoAnns. Mostly because I really liked the cover quilt.

I found this pattern that I thought would be quicker!
Their quilt is 3 blocks by 4 blocks, the blocks are 19" . I will make mine 4 blocks by 5 blocks with a border to finish at queen size.

A very simple pattern! It uses 10" squares and 5" squares.

I started laying out some of my blocks, mine will definitly have a more scrappy feel to it.

Plus there are all these bonus blocks from sewing a second seam as I sewed the squares to the corners. There may be enough for a small throw sized quilt if I add some borders.

Happy quilting! Thanks for visiting my blog. Rebecca

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dresses for Boliva & An Adventurous Day

I finally got my dresses sewn for Lori of Humble Quilts. She will be going to Bolivia and asked for help making dresses to take with her. You can read more about her trip HERE and HERE. I hope these little dresses will bring some smiles!

We went for a day hike/moose hunt on Monday. On our drive down to the Tangles Lakes area where we went for our hike/hunt, we had a bit of an adventure. It was dark when we left the house at about 4 am and I was keeping an eye out for moose along the highway. We saw several along the side of roadway amd crossing the highway. As I kept watch on the right hand side of the road I caught a glimpse of an emergency flasher behind some trees. I told DH I thought there was a wreck.  He backed up the truck and went down to check it out. He found a car on its top with two men trapped inside. We don't know how long they had been there but they were very cold and could not get out of the car. (It was 27*F  that morning). I called 911 and my DH drove our truck over the bank to get closer to them and use the truck lights to be able to assess the situation a little better. As I gave directions and info to the 911 dispatcher my DH was able to get one door of the car open. The men were able to walk the few feet to our vehicle and then we drove back up  to the roadway to wait for the ambulance. One young man complained of severe back pain and the EMT's had to place a back brace on him before removing him from our truck. Once they were safely on their way we started out again.

You can certainly tell Fall has come to Alaska!

We only saw cow moose, this one was about 300 yards out.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend! Happy Quiltting, Rebecca