Thursday, May 28, 2015

Show and Share

Here are a few tops I have gotten finished.
My Smokey Mountain Stars top ready to quilt! Jackie and Lonnie were my helpers! 

The back of Smokey Mountain Stars.

Maverick Stars set in Bonnie Hunter's Dancing Nine Patch setting.  I have not decided if I should add more blocks  and make it larger or just add some borders.

My Wonky Wishes top finished! I love the cheddar!

My Lozenge top. I shared it during Show and Share with Bonnie Hunter, but did not get a photo of it then. This was her last Leader/Ender project.

This is what I have been working on today, the flower bed along the front of the house.

And using a different type of rotary cutter!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Quilting, Rebecca

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Show and Share Time

Show and Share Time! Lots of beautiful quilts!

Pam's Bow Tie Quilt

Pam's Bricks in the Barnyard from the last time Bonnie Hunter was here in Delta, four years ago.

This was Toni's Bricks in the Barnyard, she couldn't come so had a friend drop it off for her.

Marcia's Bricks in the Barnyard. ( Marcia is on the left in the photo and her daughter Jackie is helping her hold it up)

Another quilt by Marcia.

The back.

Jackie's table runner. Jackie is the owner of our local quilt shop, The Calico Cow.

Barbara with a baby quilt for her granddaughter. Barbara was visiting family and attending Bonnie's classes, She came from Washington state.

Another quilt by Barbara.

Joyce's Bible block quilt. (Joyce is in the pink tee-shirt, she is our guild's president this year and doing a great job!)

This one was call the Picnic Quilt.

Another quilt by Joyce.

Next time I will have a few of my tops to share! Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bonnie Hunter X2: Part Two

Our second class with Bonnie Hunter was the "Shirttails" quilt from her first book "Scraps and Shirttails".

Bonnie explaining  her design process for this quilt. It basically came from a selection of orphan blocks that she had. Union Square, Jacob's Ladder and Rosebud blocks.

Bonnie explaining the use of the Easy Angle  ruler. Her directions for cutting out this quilt this ruler were much easier than the directions in the book.

A start on my Union Square block. 

My Rosebud and Jacob's Ladder blocks.

Me and my finished Rosebud block.

A group shot at the end of a wonderful day!

Next time, Show and Share!    Happy Quilting, Rebecca

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bonnie Hunter X 2 : Part One

So, I have been absent from blog land for a while, actually from the internet all together. There have been other things going on.   One of those things was going to two days of workshops with Bonnie Hunter, my All Time Favorite Quilt Designer!!  I learned a lot and had a great time! I can not say enough about how great Bonnie is!! She is SO talented and creative, and a terrific teacher! She is also just a wonderful person all around!!

Our first day was String Spiderwebs. We had so much fun playing with our scraps!

Bonnie Hunter's Spiderweb quilt.

Another Spiderweb quilt by Bonnie Hunter in a serpentine setting.

We all listened intently to Bonnie's instructions.

My sewing neighbor Lonnie found Thing 1 and Thing 2 in her scrap stash!

I think Jackie got a head start on hers!

Busy, busy, busy sewing up strings!

Bonnie pitched right in and helped trim up triangles!

My Spider Web blocks.

Konnie, Joyce, Jackie and Marcia with their blocks

A group shot.

Our class the next day was Shirttails, I will post photos from that class next time. Happy Quilting,