Friday, April 17, 2015

The Humble Block

I have read and I am sure you have too, that quilters of old, would purposely put a block in their quilt, turned the wrong way or pieced incorrectly. This supposedly was to keep the quilter 'humble".  I now know that that  is not correct, it because they did not have a digital camera or an iPad!   lol   I never noticed two mistakes until I took photos of my Smokey Mountain Stars quilt. 

Two mistakes on the top row.

Mistakes fixed and now I can say I have a finished top.

I will work on piecing a backing over the weekend, I may use the blue plaid in the photo below as part of the backing. I had planned to use it for my border on SMS, but it just did not look right.

I had always planned on using this blue plaid for the border on SMS, but it just did not look right.

As I sewed the blocks and rows together for SMS I started sewing together my Lozenge blocks together into rows.

Four rows of Lozenge blocks. I have quite a few more to put together.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Happy stitching! Rebecca

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Just Another Spring Day in Alaska

This is what we woke up to this morning and it is still snowing, not unusual for the Interior area where I live.
My DH had set up the outdoor furniture the other day.

Still snowing!

A new project! I am going to make my Great-Grandson a lighter weight quilt for the summer. From the previous photos it looks like I will have plenty of time! I am going to use another Bonnie Hunter pattern called, I Spy A 4-Patch, you can get the free pattern HERE.

My Granddaughter went with a sea life theme for her baby, her favorite being an octopus.

I plan to fussy cut the sea life print on the right. I will use the yellow instead of white for the four patches, with the blue and green.

I found this great octopi fabric for the backing.

I also purchased this race track panel for him. I will save this for a future project, when he is interested in playing with cars.I thought I should get it now while it was available.

It may still be winter outside and a long time before I see flowers blooming there, but I do have some blooms inside!

My African Violets are blooming.

And these absolutely gorgeous roses my son and his girlfriend brought me!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Thank you for stopping by! Rebecca

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I have been making additions. First adding blocks together and then rows together on my Smokey Mountain Stars top.

Next I have been adding to my quilt book library.

I am a bargain hunter when it comes to shopping. So I visit several web sites when looking for books and compare prices.

Interesting idea!

This photo is from the book "The Great American Log Cabin Book" by Carol Anne Wien. It was published in 1984. She describes using a paper cutter to cut strips quickly!

She said you could cut four layers of fabric at a time.

A few new patterns.

My Lozenge blocks have been adding up. I think it is time to start sewing these together.
 I  have 306 each light and dark. 

Adding to my Sweet William Baskets.

These are the last six I have stitched.  I have a total of nine basket portions of the blocks completed
Happy Quilting! Rebecca