Monday, March 23, 2015

Some Quilting Plans

I guess it is a good thing my blog is not titled "Blogging Everyday"! I seem to have trouble finding the time to sit down and actually write a post. I take photos and think of things to write about, but just don't get to it. So, I will do a little catching up today.
I am a huge Bonnie Hunter fan. Hers was the first quilting blog I ever came across and I read it faithfully. I have made two of her patterns and have a long list of others to make. One quilt on the list is her "Smokey Mountain Stars" quilt, it is a free pattern on her blog, you can find it  HERE.

Smokey Mountain Stars a Bonnie Hunter design, free on her blog.

I have wanted a cutting machine for  a long time, but was not sure which one to purchase. I walked in to JoAnns a while back and they had the Go Cutter on sale and I grabbed it. It made cutting the pieces for this quilt SO EASY!

All the plaids cut out, just need the neutrals.

Sewing the corner squares to the neutral squares and I did sew the extra seam to get the bonus HSTs.

All the different squares ready to sew in to rows.

I think I cut too many! There are probably enough squares here to make another quilt!

I have also been working on the Sweet William baskets too. I would have had four finished except I had to take the first one apart and re-sew it, the points were not matching too well. I do have all the pieces cut out for all 36 baskets. I am getting more comfortable with the hand piecing. The most difficult part is stitching the rows of triangles together, but I am getting better at that.

Three Sweet William baskets done.

I wrote in a previous post about getting projects organized HERE. I found that the little drawers work great, except if I want to move to another room to work on my hand sewing projects they were a little  awkward to move. I decided I could leave the main portion of the projects in the drawers, but I needed something to carry my sewing paraphernalia in. I found something called a Yazzi Bag that will work just right for at home or traveling. I can keep all my needles, pins, thread and etc. for each project in here.

Yazzi Bag, it has five zippered compartments.

Also on my sewing list is a project for our guild's Silent Auction this summer at the fair. I ordered some patterns from Cheri Payne, you can visit her website HERE. I think I have decided to do the one called "Embrace the Day".

Three of Cheri Payne's patterns.

Embrace the Day by Cheri Payne.

I have not forgotten my Liberated Basket quilt plans either. I have been collecting fabrics for them and hope to begin cutting some out soon.

Liberated Basket pattern by Gwen Marston.

Fabrics for my Liberated Baskets.

My husband came across this photo on Facebook, I think it says it all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Small Finish for a Small Guy

I got the blanket finished for my great-grandson.  I am pretty happy with it, though it took quite a bit of fiddling with  to get the fabric and knitted section to come together smoothly. I used my quilting pins and pinned it together really well. The first time the fabric just did not lay smoothly so I took them all out and redid it, the second time was much better. I hand stitched around the outside edges to join the knit section to the fabric and then tied the two layers together with yarn.  Now just to get it in the mail to him.

I also wanted to let you know a bout a "new to me blog" I came across. It is called  "Scraps-a-Plenty". Here is a  LINK.  The quilt below is what caught my eye. A gorgeous crumb quilt! A quilt like this is definitely on my list now, I have lots of scraps to use up.

Natasha's wonderful Crumb Quilt! Check out her blog and see what she did for the back!

 My fabric order came in so I will hopefully get the rest of the Sweet William blocks cut out. I realized I was short on purples as I laid out the blocks I have cut out.  I also ordered some more greens for  the applique part of the blocks. There are going to be lots of flowers and stems and leaves to make.

Thanks for stopping by! Rebecca