Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Getting Things Prepped and Organized

I have been working on my Sweet William baskets, getting them traced and cut out. For some reason I feel compelled to get them all cut out before moving on to another project. I have the hardest time deciding on fabrics so it has taken me quite a while. I have pieces cut out for 13 baskets and have 20 more traced and ready to cut. There are 36 baskets, so just 3 more baskets to prep. I am waiting on a fabric order to come in for those. Since Sweet William is a hand piecing project I plan to work on some other quilt projects too. More about those another time. I plan on staying busy!

Basket pieces organized in Zip Loc bags. 

My stack of basket fabrics, all the pieces are traced on, I just need to cut them out and I will have 20 more prepped for hand piecing.

I did get some blocks prepped for the the Poke Berry Basket project.

Poke Berry Baskets by Cindy Blackberg.

I started the embroidery on one square. I am not sure on blanket stitching the leaves. I may do a different stitch.

I have everything organized for hand piecing my Sweet William baskets in these drawers.

I have everything organized for embroidering the Poke Berry squares in this set of drawers.

In case anyone is interested the original quilt that Susan Smith took her design from for her Sweet William quilt was this one. It is called Album Basket and was made in 1860. The original has some baskets with birds, giraffes, and a rooster.

I found this photo of the original quilt in this book, "Treasury of American Quilts" by Cyril I. Nelson and Carter Houck. I love looking through this book, so many wonderful quilts!

Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Little Progress

First, a huge thank you to all who have checked on me.  I am still having a very rough time dealing with the loss of my daughter. My husband reminded me that it has only been about 4 1/2 months, so the depth of sadness and pain I am dealing with is to be expected. Hopefully, with time it will lessen.

 I have had a difficult time getting motivated with my quilting plans. I was not even sure if I wanted to keep my blog. I have decided to try. If you are looking for cheerful banter and witty writing I would avoid this blog, sorry. In thinking about my blog and trying to decide if I should keep it up or not, made me curious about the meaning of "blog". This is the meaning from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, " a Web site that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also :  the contents of such a site".  So, my "personal reflections" will be included. I hope I won't sound too down, sad or angry, but those feelings may come through.

This  project is a blanket/quilt for my great-grandson. I found the original pattern on Craftsy.
Craftsy pattern, Crochet Reversible Baby Blanket, by Sheila Zachariae.

Yarn and fabric for my GGS's blanket/quilt.

I purchased fabric and yarn that I believed matched the required yarn in the pattern, worsted weight. The pattern called for a size Q crochet hook (HUGE) and three strands of yarn held together. I started crocheting the blanket and realized after a few rows that it  was just not going to work. Either the yarn I purchased was not thick enough or the hook size too large. I am not a crochet expert, but I felt that the crochet was just too loose. Since I am more at ease with knitting I decided to start over and knit the blanket part. I took the general idea from a free pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website called, Diagonal Comfort Blanket. I am using a size 10 1/2 circular knitting needle and two strands of yarn held together. I am making progress on the blanket part, then will place the fabric on one side of the blanket and tie them together.

Lion Brand Yarn free pattern, Diagonal Comfort Blanket. I tried to add a link to this pattern, but it kept sending me to the sign in page. It is free to join the site and they have lots of free patterns.

Knitting progress on my GGS's blanket.

My Great-grandson, he is almost 5 months old now.

Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca