Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baskets on the Brain and Hand Piecing

I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year. My plans to organize my fabric and etc. did not happen. I have most of my fabric in large Rubbermaid type tubs and to find anything I have to dig through the tubs and then, even if it started off organized it never stays that way! So I will wait for our next trip to Fairbanks and get some smaller, clear storage bins so I sort fabrics into smaller groupings. Since the organization didn't take place I got out the Sweet William pattern and looked it over. So, somewhere I missed the fact that this quilt pattern is to be hand pieced. But that is okay, because on my Quilt/Bucket List I have always wanted to make a completely hand pieced quilt, so this is it! I have never done any hand piecing and I suppose this is kind of a complicated block to start on, but what the heck, dive in and give it a try. I am planning on making this quilt in bright, cheerful fabrics, but just grabbed some scraps to make a trial block.

After a couple of tries, I figured out  it was best to sew these in rows.
The back.
Not too bad for my first attempt!

Some fabrics I purchased for Sweet William. I might have to do a little more shopping.

A few fabrics from my stash that I might use.

I saw a quilt somewhere on line called Liberated Baskets and thought it was just a wonderful quilt. I
found out it was in this book by Gwen Marston, so I ordered it. It is a very interesting book for me. I usually stick to a pattern pretty close, maybe a few minor changes. The quilts in this book just look like fun! This will be a new adventure!
A 'new' for me quilting book.

This pattern is the reason I got Gwen Marston's book.  I love these free formed baskets.

I saw this pattern for Poke Berry Baskets on Josie's blog, Dilly Dimple,  HERE.  It is a pattern by Cindy Blackberg, you can see the pattern better  HERE, at her site. Anyways I loved it and had to get it.  I have background fabrics picked out, but I need to order some thread for the embroidery before I can get started on this one.

I hope you have a lovely day! God Bless! Rebecca    (The puppies all have new homes!)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Puppies Rule!

You may be able to tell by the title of this post that puppies have taken over my life! They require feeding, bathing and play time! They also need their pen cleaned about twice a day and their bedding washed. Then there is time spent putting up ads online and flyers posted in Delta and Fairbanks. Time spent  on the phone and online  responding to inquiries about the puppies and interested people coming by to see them. Puppies can really wear you out! We still have three to find homes for.

I have had many, many quilty THOUGHTS, but have not had a chance to do anything about them. I need to organize my fabric and sewing area, along with organizing my projects before I can really sit down and work on anything, but that is not going to happen for a couple of weeks at least. Below are a few projects I hope to start on this year.

Happy Quilting! Rebecca