Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wildlife Report

 We had a bull moose chasing a cow moose at the bottom of our driveway yesterday evening. He did stop for just a minute and we were able to snap a few pictures. Sorry that they are not real clear.  It is the rut season and can be a dangerous time on the roadways. There was an accident just a few miles North of us, a man hit a cow moose and it flipped his car. He was not seriously injured but the moose was killed. The Troopers had to contend with a bull moose at the scene of the accident, he had obviously been chasing the cow moose.  This is how our local paper wrote it up, "This time of year is referred to as the rut, when cows are beckoning to the bulls, and the bulls come running. All of the chaos will result in moose calves being born the following spring, but it also makes for hazardous driving conditions when the sequence of events leads moose onto the roads." We both got a chuckle out of their description!

The same evening our neighbor drove over to get my DH. She had had a bear at her front door getting into the garbage and then trying to get into the house!  Her husband works up on the North Slope so was not home. My DH left and went to her house with his rifle and I stayed to watch for the bear here.  Below is a photo she took as the bear was leaving, but she was frightened that he would come back. As far as we know he did not show up again, so all is quiet tonight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quilts at the Clinic

You never know where you will find quilts! I gave someone a ride to the new medical clinic in town and guess what they had hanging on the walls of the waiting area.  One of the receptionists is in our quilt guild so these may have been her idea. I did not get a chance to ask her.
This one was interesting. There was a kind of gauzey material over the fabric stitched down with lots of stitching

Happy Quilting! Rebecca

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Catching Up

So, our internet is back. From the first call I made it took three days for them to fix the problem. We thought we were all set. Then a couple of days later it was out again! This time they said a line had been cut. Very likely, since they are digging and laying new fiber optic cable across the road from us. No way of knowing if this will mean a faster internet speed for us. That would be wonderful if it does!  So as far as my quilting, I have finished the Shimmer top!
Shimmer quilt top with borders. It finished at 86" X 106". 

This is the backing fabric for the Shimmer quilt. Not really what I had in mind, but with the size of the quilt I decided not to try and use a 108" wide fabric. I purchased 8 yards of this fabric. It was originally $11.50/yard and I got it for $4.99/ yard!
 Do you remember my Find? The denim quilt top I got at our second hand shop? I had planned to buy some wool batting and maybe a flannel for the backing. It will be left in our truck for winter travel. I have decided to finish this top out of all 'found' items from the second hand shop. I got a large piece of flannel, one time and will use it for the batting. Another Wednesday I found four nice sized pieces of fleece to use for a pieced backing. It might turn out I will not need a batting in this, I'll see.
Flannel and fleece finds.

Do you remember the Hunter's Star quilt top? This is for DS2 and DIL. 


I am finally quilting it! I had so many ideas of how to quilt this top' I finally decided to keep it simple and get it quilted! I am just doing and free motion loopy kind of design, no marking just going with it.
So that is what I have been up lately, thanks for stopping by! Rebecca

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Connection Problems

Hi to all my blogging friends! I have been trying to get caught up on your blog posts but our internet connections are not cooperating! Our DSL and WiFi signal are down. So no computer! I have tried my iPad on the 4G network but the pages won't load, if they do it will not load any pictures. Hopefully things will be back to normal in a couple of days.  Rebecca

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to Blogland!

Hello everyone! DD2 has gone home, but it was so wonderful to have her here with us for the week. Now I hope to get caught up on all your blogs! I am sure there have been all kinds of wonderful things going on! I did get some sewing done over the weekend. I got the background blocks sewn together for DD2's "Life is Grand" quilt. You can see the pattern here.  I have renamed this quilt to "Life Can Still Be Beautiful". I also have two of the appliques prepped and ready to stitch. I need to find something to store these blocks in. I would like to keep them flat. A friend suggested pizza boxes.

These are the background squares. They are not quite as white as they look in the photo, more cream. I will remove the post-it-notes and mark  the order with a washable marking pen on the backs. The small fabric squares in the corners of the blocks are small samples of the fabrics I will use to make the flowers, stems and leaves for those blocks. I just have to cut them out and baste them in place.

I also got two rows sewn together for DS3's Shimmer quilt. I hope to finish sewing the blocks
together today. Then I need to go shopping for border fabrics. Do you do that? Get part of the quilt done and then choose the rest of your fabrics or do you have it all planned out before you even start cutting fabrics? I tend to choose things as I go.

Two rows of the Shimmer quilt sewn together. three more to go.

We had a hard frost the other night and I lost a few of my flowers. There is definitely a change in the air. The leaves are turning and the temperatures are cooler. Time to finish up some things around here before the snow comes!

Now to get caught up on what everybody has been doing! Happy Quilting! Rebecca

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pardon the Interruption....

Hi everyone! Just a short post to let you know I will be taking a short blogging break. DD2 is here with us for a least a week, maybe two. I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and I will get caught up with you all you later on. Happy Quilting Rebecca