Friday, May 30, 2014

Finally, Flowers & Close to a Finish

So the temps have finally gotten warmer and I potted the flowers I picked up in Fairbanks. I had left them in their original containers and had been bringing them in at night. I also  put the borders on my "Little Baskets" quilt. The baskets are 3" and it will finished at about 17" x 21". So, now how to quilt it. All my first quilts were hand quilted, but then I went to machine quilting. So my hand quilting skills are rusty. Even so I think small Baptists Fans done by hand might be nice. I will have to think on for a bit. What do you think?


I hope to get more flowers for one more hanging pot.
Happy Quilting! I hope everyone has had a great week!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Does It Count As Quilting?

So does walking past your sewing table, patting your fabric, and sometimes re-arranging border options for a small quilt count as quilting? I hope so because that is all I have gotten done lately. So since I have no quilty photos to share I will share some photos of moose and caribou that I have taken the last few days.

We thought this cow looked very thin.

We have only seen cows, no bulls and no babies yet. I hope to get some sewing done today! Happy Quilting!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quilting Supplies in Sporting Goods?

Since I have started working on my hexies. I have been working on a way to have them more organized too. I have a small plastic container for them, but had my flower groupings in baggies.  While I was waiting for my husband in the sporting goods department I came across some little sectioned boxes in the fishing tackle area. Below are some before and after photos. Not very exciting, but I feel much more organized.
This my first post wrtten on my iPad. I had a little trouble with the photos and arrangement, so bear with me!



Friday, May 23, 2014

New Toy!!

My days have not been going as planned at all lately! Would you believe another trip to Fairbanks! This is not our usual routine. DH wanted to get me an early birthday present, so up we drove. He got me an iPad Air!! 

So probably no sewing today! I will be playing with this!

  My copy of Lynette Anderson's "Country Cottage Quilting" finally got here!

I got this book for the 'My Favorite Garden' pattern.
I fell in love with Lynette Anderson's "My Favorite Garden" pattern when I saw it on Peg's  "Happy in Quilting" blog (here).  Peg's version of this quilt is absolutely beautiful!!

Peg's version of "My Favorite Garden"
So I hope to visit some blogs today in my iPad and learn more about how to use it. Hopefully back to quilting tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Border Solution?? Maybe

I made it down to the quilt shop today, and Linda and I auditioned a number of fabrics. I came home with a brown, with a small floral pattern. I think I like it, but will give it a couple of days and see.

I picked up another cream for the Shimmer quilt. It has a gold pattern that I thought would add a little sparkle to some of the stars. I also got a couple of floral prints to fussy cut for hexies.

We a very fortunate to have such a nice quilt shop in our small town. I thought you might like to see "The Calico Cow" quilt shop, so I took a few photos.

They have quilts hanging on the bannister as you come into the building. There is a bank downstairs.

Lots of Alaskan fabrics.


I have more pictures, I will post them another time.  Happy quilting!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Border Problems

I have meant to write a post the last couple of days, it just didn't happen. Life happened. DD2 needed some help for a couple of days and then we made our regular monthly trek to Fairbanks for our major grocery buying for the month. That trip (200 miles round trip) always wears me out. The drive and then trying to get all our shopping and other errands done. At least we do not have to worry about icy roads this time of year, or getting back before the fire dies out in the wood stove. We saw six moose on the way up and DH said he would stop for pictures if we saw a bull. No such luck, just cows and a yearling calf. I have fit some sewing in here and there. I finished the 'Little Basket' quilt except for the borders. I have tried out a stack of fabrics, but am not happy with any of them. So a trip to the local quilt shop will be made soon. I did get my very first hexie flowers sewn together last night, I am very happy with those. They are about 2 5/8" across. The weather has been cool, mid 40's and we have had some rain. We have had to have a fire in our wood cook stove to take the chill off the house. Hope it warms up soon!

My first hexie flowers!
Little Baskets
Below are some of the border ideas for the Little Baskets quilt I tried. I am just not happy with any of them. I hope I can find what I am 'looking' for.

I have still been working on cutting out the "Shimmer" quilt. Once I have some dark blues cut out I am going to sew a sample block .
Happy quilting everyone!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Little Quilting

I hope everyone a wonderful Mother's Day!! We went to Fairbanks, a 200 mile round trip for us. We had breakfast with DS2 and family. They presented me with the absolutely darling footstool pictured below. We got to visit with DS3 and girlfriend, and they gifted me with a lovely planter for flowers.

Needless to say this will not be used as an actual foot stool!
We also did a little shopping while we were there. We usually make a monthly trip to stock up on groceries and such, so will be going up again in the next week for that. We are always exhausted after a trip to Fairbanks, not much gets done the next day. So, not too much quilting going on the last couple of days. I did get my order of Civil War Reproduction fabric in, so cut out the rest of my little baskets.  (here )  I just need to applique the handles. A lot of fabric cutting still going on for the Shimmer quilt, I am working on the darks now. My quilting thread order came in and I have backing fabric, so I also hope to layer and baste the Hunter's Star quilt soon and start the quilting. I am still mulling over quilting designs, it needs to be fairly simple.  (I wrote about both here )

Playing with my basket lay out. I still need to applique the handless and piece the remaining baskets.

So since I have no new quilting to show I thought I would share the second bed size quilt I made. This one was for DD2. I do not remember the name of the pattern, It is just simply squares set on the diagonal. This quilt also includes some of the squares that my Mother gifted me.(I wrote about them here)         Happy Quilting!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

                                                A Happy Mother's Day !!!                                      

Friday, May 9, 2014

Moose On The Loose and Caribou Too!

Well today did not go as planned. My husband and I ended up taking a little drive. On our way we saw this little fellow. We pulled over so I could snap a few pictures.  He is about a year old. The new moose calves will be arriving soon. The mothers aggressively chase off the year old calves before their new calves are born.   We were glad he got off the road without him or anyone else getting hurt.

 On our home  we spotted a few caribou. Sorry the pictures aren't vey good. They were about 500 to 600 yards away and I zoomed up the camera all the way. It was still really neat to see them!


Busy With My Rotary Cutter!!

Well, yesterday was spent cutting out the pieces  for the stars in my next project, J & D 's quilt, Shimmer. The pattern is from a 2004 copy of American Patchwork and Quilting and they included paper patterns to make templates from to cut the star points. Instead I cut strips and used my Tri-Recs ruler. I found an excellent video tutorial on using the Tri-Recs rulers by Bonnie Hunter Here.  So I have all the stars cut out and today I will work on cutting out the dark fabrics.

On the far left are the paper templates for the star points.

Star parts all stacked and ready to sew, just need to cut out the dark fabrics.

I have also been working on some hexies. These are my very first hexies! I have been wanting to start on these for quite awhile now. They are 1/2" hexies and I was compelled to fussy cut them, don't ask me why. lol I don't have a certain pattern in mind for these, I am just making them and will see what develops!  I am still waiting on my order of Civil War Reproduction fabrics to make more of these and more of my small baskets.

Do you remember my little string blocks! here They will finish a 2". I was not sure what I was going to do with them, they were just so fun to make! I was looking through a older quilt book I had picked up second hand, titled "Scrap Quilting, Made Easy"(1997) and found this pattern. My little string blocks will work perfectly for this little quit. It finishes at 14" x 17".


Happy Quilting!! Rebecca